Winner of Spooky Story Contest
Fall 2021-2022

Through the mist

by Michaela Coombs

Coming home one fall night

The cold as crisp as an apple.

I did not take any notice of it,

After all this was nothing new to grapple.

It had rained this morning this I knew

For the grass was wet with morning dew.

But when I dared go outside,

There was nothing to be seen.

For the mist went on for miles.

traversing up a hill

By a creaking tree

That I can barely make out still.

Too far away too far ahead

I felt a sense of impending dread

For I remember something similar.

An old sailors tale of sounds of wailing

And never again would they go sailing.

The voice increased in velocity

A great choir a voracious cacophony

I ran as fast as my feet dare tread.

Past the tree

Down to my house,

To where a comfortable bed will be.

The last thing that I remember

Was that I had fallen and had surrendered.

Opening my eyes I heard no sounds.

But rather a light knocking on my door

Aunt Sally May came by to say

“Do not drift too far away.

 home is safer and home you shall stay”

I never heard that siren again

But let me say one thing

I do believe

That terrible eve

When the mist takes us all one day.