Winner of Spooky Story Contest
Fall 2021-2022

Nevermore, Furthermore 

by Katherine Lafond


The raven perches on the top of a leafless tree 

“Nevermore,” the raven caws 

What is broken cannot be fixed in darkness

If one were to listen

All that can be heard is the cry of the raven 

 “Furthermore,” the raven implores 

In the mid of night 

When the people inside the windows sleep tight

The raven sings a song that would fright 

Any lost soul inside the moonlight’s iron curtain 

“I sing for the weak,” the raven announces  

The wind gives him a whistle 

The raven shifts on his branch a little 

If one could see clearly underneath the blanket of night

One might find a peculiar sight 

Of a tiny drop of liquid adorning

The corner of the raven’s eyes

Bound to fall like the autumn leaves 

Of the previous season 

“Nevermore,” the raven croaks like a toad 

The branch of which the raven sits

 Cracks unexpectedly like a rock slamming into glass   

The raven flies away

“Nevermore,” the raven caws painfully 

As he flies above the trees

Disappearing before the broken is fixed 

Into the darkness