- 2020-2021 -

              by Franceleesha Dornevil

I write this to you in hopes that one day,

you’ll correctly perceive this 

I hope one day you’ll know how it felt for you to go

I’ve been able to cope with a lot in my time

But most have their breaking point


I believe I’ve reached mine


Tell me where your head was at when you did those things to spite me?

Something I ask because I still wonder

I write this to you praying that one day you see the big picture 


The picture that seems to live in the back of your mind,


Out of reach 


I wish you could spend a day in my shoes 

Maybe then, my feelings won’t be news

You’re one that I love, but have to leave alone

As the days drag on the emotions are further shown

Now that I’ve seen you change

I also see that there’s no point in tracing back

In the absence of you

I redirect to my destined path